Digital Marketing Opportunity at Cloud Interactive Media Group (CIMG)

Digital Marketing Opportunity at Cloud Interactive Media Group (CIMG)


Who are we, what do we do?

Cloud Interactive Media Group (CIMG) is a diverse organization with interest in several industries- we provide smart customer engagement platforms to businesses, as well as manage CIMG-owned businesses in Sports Gaming, Mobile learning and Digital Content Provision.
At CIMG, we constantly seek to create simple yet innovative solutions that transcend boundaries. We do not overlook the essence of capable human resources (An A-Team) in achieving this; which is why we expend resources in attracting and retaining individuals who have the potential to become experts in their chosen fields.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Digital Marketer to join our team. You will:
• Develop and maintain an overall Digital Marketing strategy for the company’s various businesses
• Plan and execute all digital marketing campaigns (SEO/SEM, bulk SMS, email, social media and display advertising).
• Develop and implement new marketing innovations and creative growth strategies.
• Improve and maintain our social media presence.

So, how will you fit in?

This is ultimately a partnership. You will be provided with resources to enable you to successfully lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution.

Some of the things we deem benefits.

Think competitive salary, autonomy to help shape the destiny of this great company, independence to chart your own career path, and working with one of THE BEST teams in the industry.
So, if you are hoping for an opportunity that allows you to reach those stars, a collaborative environment like this will no doubt get you there!

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