Latest Vacancy for a Full-stack Developer at Lendsqr |Green ‘n’ White|

Latest Vacancy for a Full-stack Developer at Lendsqr |Green ‘n’ White|

At Lendsqr, we are building a platform for individual and small lenders to manage their lending operations. Lending money to people is hard; why make it complicated and expensive? That’s the problem we are solving, and we want a bunch of smart guys to join us to do just that.

What you will be saddled with
As a full stack software developer, you will be responsible for:
* Working with System Architects to design and develop the architecture of the web application.
* Collaborate with the product managers to design and launch products and new features.
* Working alongside graphic designers for web design features.
* Work alongside product team to create and maintain the product roadmap
* Maintain code integrity and organization.
* Developing user interactions on web pages.
* Developing back end website applications.
* Creating servers and databases for functionality.
* Designing and developing APIs.
* Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications.
* Defining the architecture for delivering improvements
* Ensuring cross-platform optimization for multiple devices.
* Meeting both technical and consumer needs.

How to Apply
Interested persons should:
Click here to apply


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