We are Hiring: Vice President of Technical Product Management |Green ‘n’ White|

We are Hiring: Vice President of Technical Product Management |Green ‘n’ White|

Salary: $200k/year USD
Are you an expert at making simple but powerful technical decisions? Do you enjoy learning and using the latest cloud services? Do you think getting the core data structures and algorithms right is essential to solving customer problems?

If so, you’ll love our view of Technical Product Management. Our TPMs are deeply technical; most of them come from a strong product engineering background. We believe in a focus on First Principles. For software, that means:

•We focus on designing better and simpler technical solutions, not managing a long feature backlog
•We focus on core data structures and algorithms, not on the UI/UX layer
•We focus on maximizing the use of disruptive technology, not low-value and undifferentiated code
Key responsibilities:

•Make clear, simple, and technically sound design decisions
•Simplify designs that others have made complicated
•Uphold high standards on fundamental data structures, algorithms, and architectural best practices
•Coach a team, primarily by providing high-quality feedback on their work
Candidate requirements:

•A university degree including the study of data structures, algorithms, and computing fundamentals.
•At least 2 years of experience writing production code in either Java or C# for a commercial software company.
•At least 4 years of experience making important architecture and design decisions; such as data domain modeling, application of design patterns, and design using third-party components.
•Some experience designing for cloud computing paradigms (such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform).
•The ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them with clear, logical thinking.
Nice to have

•Experience creating simple but important messages for sales and marketing teams
•Experience rebuilding/redesigning existing products on top of entirely new cloud services (for example all the AWS services beyond EC2 and S3).
What you will be doing:

Crossover TPMs get to work across a portfolio of products and cover a range of industries and technologies, making this an amazing learning opportunity. TPMs are encouraged to learn and apply the latest cloud computing patterns (think about the entire AWS catalog, not just EC2 & S3). They also receive tons of training and development, starting with our one-month CTO Bootcamp program.
Method of Application

There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. If you found this interesting,click here to apply



After applying you will take a few online “screening” assessments to check for a basic fit, and then move on to some real-world written questions. You will also be assigned to one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step. We look forward to meeting



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